Share the Plate – 2016, February-July

Our first Share-the-Plate Sunday experiment was an unqualified success.  We spread our love all over the Waco area.

The votes are in, and our members and friends have selected the next charities we will partner with over the next six months. The winners are:

On the first Sunday of each month, a representative from the organization will be invited to give a brief overview of their work; each week for the rest of the month, our Sunday offerings will be split 50/50 with the charity (minus pledges, which are the fuel for our daily, weekly, monthly and yearly ministries and needs as a fellowship).

For February, Community Outreach Educator Francesca Austin (of Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas) spoke about the work Planned Parenthood does here in Waco and surrounding areas, including providing healthcare to men and women regardless of income, race, sexual orientation, or gender expression. Planned Parenthood also advocates for reproductive justice and equality through lobbying our state and national legislators, as well as providing fact-based, age-appropriate sex education to kids from middle-school-age on up.

March’s Share the Plate partner will be Meals on Wheels. UUWaco has been a Meals on Wheels distribution site for almost a decade. Several of our members deliver meals to about 40 North Waco residents each Wednesday and Friday.

April is for Animals… UUWaco will collect funds for the Animal Birth Control Clinic. A critical partner in the tremendous accomplishments that Waco and McLennan County have made towards becoming a no-kill community. Along with our annual Blessing of the Animals, we’ll also be organizing other volunteer opportunities at and for the ABC clinic.

In May, we get to know Service Dogs, Inc. The group rescues dogs abandoned to animal shelters and transforms them into lifelines for people living with disabilities. They also train the trainers and work in the prison system with juveniles to develop skills and character.

June’s partner is Equality Texas. They work to secure full equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Texans through political action, education, community organizing, and collaboration.

Finally, in July, we will throw some love to the Humane Society of Central Texas. We are delighted to again be able to assist them with their capital funds and expansion plans.  

The Share-the-Plate program allows UUWaco members and friends to live out our core values of compassion, inclusion, inquiry, and spiritual growth in meaningful and effective ways by putting our money where our mouth is, and supporting organizations which, like us, are working to create a more just and loving world. For more information about the Share-the-Plate program, or how to donate, please email