2015-07-26 Poetry Sunday

Celebrant – Joy Hayes Gates
Spark for All Ages – Claudia McLatcher
Music – Jane Kittner & the UUWaco Choir
Speakers – Joy Hayes Gates & friends (see below)

Opening Words/Welcome – 00:29

Chalice Lighting – 3:02

“Try, Try Again,” by Wm. Edward Hickson, read by Merry Hayes Gates – 3:23

Opening Song: Enter, Rejoice & Come In (#361, Singing the Living Tradition) – 3:46

“Life Doesn’t Frighten Me at All,” by Maya Angelou, read by Joy Hayes Gates – 5:30

Affirmation – 7:37

Musical Interlude: What I Am by Will.I.Am – 8:10

Joys & Sorrows – 9:57

Spark for All Ages, with Claudia McLatcher – 12:19

“The Journey,” by Mary Oliver, read by Joy Hayes Gates – 17:49

Musical Interlude: Jane Kittner on piano – 20:46

Reflection: Poetry Sunday, narrated by Joy Hayes Gates – 22:00

  • “Wild Geese,” by Mary Oliver, read by Lee Van Wagner
  • “Morning Poem,” by Mary Oliver, read by Megan Blau
  • “When Death Comes,” by Mary Oliver, read by Marty Van Wagner
  • “The Road Not Taken,” by Robert Frost, read by Jason Smith
  • “I Have Learned So Much,” by Hafiz, read by Megan Blau
  • “I Know the Way You Can Get,” by Hafiz, read by Jason Smith & Judy Shofner
  • “Love After Love,” by Derek Walcott, read by Jane Kittner
  • “Desiderata,” by Max Ehrmann, read by Celeste Rorem, Joy Hayes Gates, Lee Van Wagner, Marty Van Wagner, Judy Shofner, & Jason Smith

Offering – 33:54

Voices of the People – 35:23

Closing Song: Simple Faith (by Peter Mayer) – 36:17

Closing Words/Extinguishing the Chalice – 39:14