2015-03-08 Selma Sunday: Answering the Call

Celebrant: Judy Shofner
Spark for All Ages: John Nobis
Music: Lee Van Wagner & the UUWaco choir
Speaker: Pastor Kris Cervantes

Opening Words & Welcome – 00:2o

Chalice Lighting – 2:20

Opening Song: Shall We Gather at the River, traditional – 2:44

Affirmation, led by Care Team chair John Nobis – 5:44

Joys & Sorrows, special reading: A Candle for Michael Brown et al, by Chip Roush – 7:05

Spark for All Ages, with Judy Shofner – 9:41

Meditation / Guide My Feet, #348, Singing the Living Tradition (StLT) – 13:31

Responsive reading, A Network of Mutuality, #584, StLT – 15:51

Reflection: Selma Sunday, Answering the Call, delivered by Pastor Kris Cervantes – 17:22

Special Readings during the Reflection:
Reading One, David McLatcher – from 12/5/1955 speech to the Montgomery Improvement Association, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Reading Two, Becky Warren – “Keep Open the Door of Thy Heart,” Howard Thurman
Reading Three, Claudia McLatcher – “Grant Us…”, from a Jewish prayer (#507, StLT)
Reading Four, Sherrell Huff – excerpt from a poem by Beth Brant (Kienen’keha/Mohawk)

Offertory / Spirit of Truth, of Life, of Power, #403, StLT – 32:31

Voices of the People – 33:45

Closing Song: Go Tell It on the Mountain, traditional – 35:10

Closing Words & Extinguishing the Chalice – 38:40