May, 2017 Book Reviews

Back to Bullnettle Bend… More discussion than books, but that’s ok…
Next meeting, 2nd Monday in June, 6/12/2017 – at 6:30pm

Rules for Revolutionaries  by Becky/Zack Bond/Exley
Genre: Political
Reviewed by Cheryl: A
“Lessons from the groundbreaking Bernie Sanders grassroots campaign.”
Small Great Things  by Jodi Picoult
Genre: Fiction
Reviewed by Claudia: A+
Walkaway  by Cory Doctorow
Genre: Sci-Fi
Reviewed by Elaine: A+
In the Heart of the Sea  by Nathaniel Philbrick
Genre: History/Non-Fiction
Reviewed by Joe C: B
The 1819 wreck of the Essex and inspiration for Moby Dick
Thunderstruck  by Erik Larson
Genre: History
Reviewed by Joe C: B-
Miniatures  by John Scalzi
Genre: Sci-Fi
Reviewed by John N: A
Rosewater  by Tade Thompson
Genre: Sci-Fi
Reviewed by John N: A
Happy as a Dane  by Malene Rydahl
Genre: How-To/Philosophical/Travel
Reviewed by John N: B-
“10 Secrets of the Happiest People in the World”
Avenue of Spies  by Alex Kershaw
Genre: Reviewed by Mary: A
“A True Story of Terror, Espionage, and One American Family’s Resistance in Nazi-Occupied Paris”
A Lucky Life Interrupted  by Tom Brokow
Genre: Autobiographical
Reviewed by Mary: A-
Moody Bitches  by Julie Holland
Genre: Science
Reviewed by Mary: B-