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July 2016

Sunday, July 17th – Who Is God Being Today? (Pastor Kris Cervantes; gratitude and hope when you feel like an ant under the heel of the world)

Sunday, July 10th – This Is How We Are Called (Pastor Kris Cervantes; the world is in need; we are in need; we need the world, the world needs us)

Sunday, July 3rd – The 2016 State of the UUnion (Pastor Kris Cervantes; UUWaco faces a choice about how we are in the world; aka, “What I learned at UUA GA”)

June 2016

Sunday, June 26th – This Little Light of Ours: Reflections on Judaism & our First UU Principle (Special guest speaker Rabbi Laura Schwarz Harari)

Sunday, June 19th – The Fairy Godmother Challenge (Pastor Kris Cervantes; paying attention to the good in the world)

Sunday, June 12 – Together in Our Aloneness (Pastor Kris Cervantes; we are born alone, we die alone, but the part in the middle takes a lot of help from others)

Sunday, June 5th – Hell, No: We Won’t Go (Pastor Kris Cervantes; Universalism as a mindset and way of life)

May 2016

Sunday, May 29th – Build ’em Up, Break ’em Down: Idolatries of the Mind and Spirit (Pastor Kris Cervantes; our Unitarian Universalist feet of clay)

Sunday, May 22nd – 2016 Belief Panel (Facilitator John Nobis; special guest speakers Megan Blau, Curtis Cannon-Verdery, Cheryl Foster, and Carol Schmidhauser; faith journeys across space and time)

Sunday, May 15th – Applied Evolution Part III: Stop Asking Science for a Pat on the Head (Pastor Kris Cervantes; the dangers of seeking questions when you think you have the answer)

Sunday, May 8th – Applied Evolution Part II: No More Short-cuts (Pastor Kris Cervantes; what science teaches religion about the value of determined work)

Sunday, May 1st – Applied Evolution Part I: The King of Wishful Thinking (Pastor Kris Cervantes; an examination of the Rev. Marion Shutter’s 1900 essays on science and religion)

April 2016

Sunday, April 24th – Across the World, Around the Corner (Special guest speaker Vital Nsengiyumva; audio unfortunately unavailable)

Sunday, April 17th – Blessing of the Animals (Pastor Kris Cervantes, with many special friends of the furry and scaly sort)

Sunday, April 10th – The Smallest Step (Pastor Kris Cervantes; digging our way out of environmental disaster, one step at a time)

Sunday, April 3rd – Out of the Mouths of Babes (Pastor Kris Cervantes; welcoming the newest members of the community and celebrating intergenerational sharing)

March 2016

Sunday, March 27th – Flower Communion (Pastor Kris Cervantes; our annual celebration of spring and life)

Sunday, March 20th – Compassion and the Cure of Souls (Pastor Kris Cervantes; on taking care of one another)

Sunday, March 13th – Jane’s Due Process (Guest Speaker Tina Hester, Executive Director of Jane’s Due Process)

Sunday, March 6th – Sympathy for the Devil (Pastor Kris Cervantes; on being who we are, and letting others be who they are, too.)

February 2016

Sunday, February 28th – The Via Negativa and Other Fun Ideas (Pastor Kris Cervantes; defining ourselves by what we are not)

Sunday, February 21st – Talk, Talk, Talk: That’s All We Ever Do (So Let’s Do It Better) (Pastor Kris Cervantes; compassionate communication)

Sunday, February 14th – V-Day (Pastor Kris Cervantes; sexual violence in our community and our world)

Sunday, February 7th – Sexuality in the 21st Century: The Good, the Bad, and the Better (Guest Speaker Becky Fox)

January 2016

Sunday, January 31st – Conversation with Scheherazade Perkins about race, faith and humanity.
(Guest Speaker Scheherazade Perkins, author & activist)

Sunday, January 24th – Saving Our Souls: A Hard Look at the U.S. Death Penalty (Pastor Kris Cervantes; the intersection of race and incarceration)

Sunday, January 17th – Who’s in Charge Here, Anyway? (Pastor Kris Cervantes; interfaith dialogue, the Black Lives Matter movement, and accepting the authority of lived experience, even when it’s uncomfortable.)

Sunday, January 10th – What’s the So What (Pastor Kris Cervantes; racial justice in our community)

Sunday, January 3 – Moving Through History: UUWaco Then & Now (Guest Speaker Celeste Rorem)

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