April is for Animals

To commemorate our Web of Life we devoted April to our beloved animals.

2200 Rabies Tags


On Sunday, April 12th we met after church at the Animal Birth Control Clinic to help them prep their rabies tags.

We had pizza, bring pliers and a drink.

<—They gave over 16,000 rabies vaccinations last year.  This is what 2200 rabies tags looks like!

On Sunday, April 19th we brought our pets to our annual Blessings of the Animals ceremony.  In addition we brought our used towels, paper towels and laundry detergent to church and delivered them to the ABC clinic (the towels and detergent, not our pets!)

Rice SocksOn Sunday, April 26th the kids in Youth RE made 25 lbs of rice socks for the ABC clinic.  The clinic heats them up in the microwave to keep kittens and puppies warm after surgery.

Marty & Lee singing for donations

Howling for Donations

Throughout the month of April we collected all of our extra stuff and had a big garage sale on May 2nd.  We hauled 6 truckloads full of stuff to the China Spring Tabernacle and sold all but 2 truckloads.  Those were picked up by a China Spring Dog Rescue Resale shop.  Many thanks to Adam, Jacob & Lee for the heavy lifting.  Our proceeds of $450 will go to the Humane Society of Central Texas for their building fund which will further their goal of becoming a no-kill shelter.


ABC ClinicThe Animal Birth Control Clinic (animalbirthcontrol.org) performs an average of 52 surgeries per day.   Just one day of surgeries prevents hundreds of unwanted dogs and cats from becoming stray or neglected.  Their success in our community is outstanding.

Humane Society


The Humane Society of Central Texas is home to all the lost critters in our community. HSCTX-donation


Liz and Emily were delighted to get our check of $450 for the no-kill shelter building fund.