Welcoming Congregation

UUWaco completed the UUA’s Welcoming Congregation process and was granted status as an official Welcoming Congregation November 10, 2014. This is a program which asks congregations to “take intentional steps to become more welcoming and inclusive of people with marginalized sexual orientations and gender identities.” For more information on what being a Welcoming Congregation entails, please visit the UUA’s Welcoming Congregations information page.

Below are some of the documents and steps we have taken toward becoming a more fully welcoming congregation. Being welcoming is not a journey which will end now that we have been granted this status, but rather an ongoing practice of engagement and education to which we are committed.

As part of our journey, UUWaco is proud to present SpectrUUm, an outreach, advocacy, and support group founded by UUWaco members and open to the public. For more information, please visit our Social Action page.

Welcoming Congregation pictures: Pictures of some of the events and celebrations we have held along the way to applying for UUA status as a Welcoming Congregation.

Welcoming Congregation survey: The original survey results from our Welcoming Survey.

Welcoming Survey PPT: Analysis of the survey results, by friend of UUWaco and Welcoming Team member Adam Short.

Welcoming Congregation UUA Letter: And finally, the letter that ties it all together! A list of Welcoming Program requirements and how we have worked on each item.